Artemis Services

We help leading brands acquire more customers through Influencer and Affiliate Marketing!

Managed Services

Our Affiliate Management services deliver results to ensure your brand is promoted on the premier consumer websites and Influencer social media channels.

Creative Services

We offer the full-spectrum of creative services, including website design, copywriting, and search engine optimization. A one-stop shop for all your creative needs.

Influencer Recruitment

Influencer marketing is all about finding the right person to promote your brand to maximize ROI from your influencer efforts.

Paid Media Placements

Our paid media services include much more than just managing AdWords. It encompasses all the networks you would expect, from paid search to paid social.

Network Integrations

The Artemis Affiliate platform provides easy integration with third party Affiliate Networks such as PepperJam, ShareASale, and Avantlink.

Consultative Services

Artemis can work with your team to develop a clear coherent strategy to define meaningful objectives, and the strategies to achieve them.

Our Clients

Artemis Digital Media represents some of the top fashion and beauty brands online.
We are proud of our clients and what they each represent: Strength, Beauty, Intelligence, Heart, Determination, Loyalty, Success.
Artemis looks to grow its family with clients who wish to align themselves with these values and and ambitions.

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Influencers & affiliates

Artemis connects brands with its Network of Influencers and Affiliates to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Rachel Zoe

Tara Gibson has been blogging on her site  since 2008. 

We collaborated with her on the Rachel Zoe Fall 2016 line and she produced this fantastic blog post!

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Josa Tulum

I Hate Blonde,, is a New York-based fashion blog created by Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Lynch. 

Rachel did a really beautiful post for on her Instagram account.

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Skyn Iceland

Letcia at created this great YouTube video featuring 

Leticia features animal-friendly products and practices an eco-friendly vegan lifestyle, which is a perfect for for Skyn!

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