MARCH 16, 2015


This tux dress by Rachel Zoe is such a striking addition to my wardrobe. I love that it’s inspired by menswear, but makes me feel like a powerful woman. From the long sleeves to the V neckline, it flows into a double-breasted placket, that is really so imposing in person. You can get this piece from Shopbop just search “Rachel Zoe” and you’ll see a ton of other pieces and killer boots (that I’m also dying to add to my wardrobe.)

I’m really happy about my collaboration with Shopbop. Between this piece and my black A Wang dress, I feel like I’m acquiring really strong pieces for my wardrobe that will be staples for me for years to come.

I hope you all have an amazing and successful Monday! My dad always told me it was important to “kill it” on a Monday, because it sets the tone for the rest of the week! I’ll be heading to a shoot in an hour here then going to a vinyasa flow yoga class.

Love you all.

Rachel Zoe Tux Dress from Shopbop

photos by Fernando Paz