The process to pull creative and links is very, very simple. We have provided all the information you need here.

In order to promote our Client offers, you must first log in to the Artemis platform here:

Step 1: Choose the Offer you wish to promote

When you are logged in, click on Offers in the left side menu and you will see a list of our offers and which ones you have been approved for. Click on the Offer you wish to promote.

Step 2: Review Offer Page

On this page you will see the details of the offer you have selected. This page includes:

General: This includes the name of the program, as well as a link to the website.

Description: This is a brief description of the Offer.

Stats: This will show you the Revenue, Clicks, Conversions (CV), Conversion Rate (CVR) and the Revenue Per Click (RPC). You may also go to the Reporting tab on the left side menu for more detailed reporting.

Payout: This shows the amount you will receive for the sales you generate. CPA (Cost per Acquisition) indicates that you will be paid the Payout amount for each sale made via your clicks.  CPS (Cost Per Sale) indicates the % of the sales amount you will be paid for the sales made via your clicks.

Targeting: For more information on this, please contact

Tracking & Control: For more information on this, please contact

Creatives: Here you will see a list of the various banners and images (Creative) that you may use to promote the Offer.  You may see a Preview of the image to see which ones you wish to use, and then ‘Download’ them (You can also simply drag that image to your desktop or a folder.). If you wish to track clicks and sales by Creative image, make a note of the Creative ID.

Tracking Link: This is where you will find the Tracking link that you need to place throughout your post. It is very important to use this Tracking link whenever you link out to the Offer, and associate the Tracking link with any images you post. When a consumer clicks on this tracking link, the Artemis system places a 30 day ‘cookie’ on the consumers site, and this allows Artemis to compensate you for any sales made for up to 30 days from the traffic you drive. If you do not use the Tracking link, we cannot compensate you for sales

Step 3: How to generate a Tracking Link

To generate a tracking link you have three options. Which you use does not matter in regards to tracking your clicks and sales. It is only necessary if you wish to track sales/clicks driven from a particular image and/or placement on your site.

For 95% of Affiliates, the Simple Method is fine!

1-Simple Method:

In the Tracking Link box, at the bottom, you will see a tracking link (i.e., simply cut and paste that link into your post or wherever you would like to use it. The YYY indicates the Offer, and the XXXX indicates you as the Affiliate (these are generated by our system).

Any time someone clicks on that link, a click will be tracked in our platform, and if it converts to a sale, you will be credited for that sale.

2-Tracking by Creative image:

Some Affiliates like to see which banner or image converts better on their website or in their post.

If you wish to use a separate tracking link for each image/creative, select the creative image you wish to use from the drop down menu, and you will see the Tracking link change to reflect that creative image id.

So if for example you wanted to generate a tracking link for Creative ID 166, and you selected it from the drop down, you will note the Tracking URL changed to:

When a consumer clicks on that link, it tells us the Offer (YYY), the Affiliate (XXXX) and the Creative image that generated the click (creative_ID=166)

3- Tracking by placement using Source ID or Sub id’s.

Some Affiliates like to use different tracking ids to identify different placements on their site (perhaps you do 2 different posts for the Offer and want to see if one did better than the other), or perhaps you want to use one tracking link for your Blog post, and another for your Instagram. You can do this by creating a Source ID and/or a Sub ID.

If you want to use Source ID’s so you can test various placements, simply add a Source ID, and you will see the Tracking Link update to reflect this. If you want to track even further, you can create a Sub ID, along with the Source ID.

For example, your Simple tracking link is this:

If you are doing a Facebook post, and want to track 2 separate placements in the post, you could add:

Source ID: FB

Sub 1: FB1

Then do:

Source ID: FB

Sub 1: FB2

This will allow you to track the placement (or Source) as well as a placement within that Source (Sub ID)

Please let email if you have any further questions.