After yesterday’s flight (really early in the morning) the day turned out a bit chaotic with constant challenges, headaches, headaches and fever (that’s a lot of negative keywords). Despite that, at the end of the day I felt like a total champion (super tired) but feeling great because I did not let the final result to be any different from what it had to be. It was a matter of persistence and energy (that was quite low!). I slept like a survivor and recovered just enough to be able to get back on track.

I’ve been so into the pirate lost in the island sort of thing lately, it’s a sort of a badass twist to the soft bohemian. It feels to me that the bandana print goes so well with the tile print.

I was dying to get under the sun, I love London but my heart is with the sun, wherever that is. So I feel that this quick jump in the island is just a warm up to the upcoming flights to the French Riviera and Barcelona.

Something also very exciting coming up, I am now trying to get more into video as it is sort of quicker for me to share, so you should expect a twist here around the end of this Month.

About the look, Josa Tulum sent me this dress to style some time ago, it feels that the perfect moment to wear it just arrived. You can find it in many different colours and patterns bellow. It is super fresh and it’s one of those you can sort of be creative with due to too long straps, meaning you can style it just like I did, wear it long and loose, or give it your own twist. Pointed shoes are so on at the moment so I figured why not give it a try and pass switch the so predictable sandals for something more interesting and modern.

What is your Spring Essential? See you soon!

Wearing Josa Tulum Dress (Josa Tulum is offering YOU 15% off discount with the code SG15!)